J. Ryan Rembert

(the "J." is silent)
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Hi, I'm Ryan.

I'm a geoscientist, software developer, and (semi) professional surfer. Sometimes I'm also (or have been) an entrepreneur, journalist, teacher, wilderness survival trainer, baseball statistician, product manager, and other things I've stopped trying to fit a title to.

All in all, I'm a battle-tested, unapologetic generalist that likes to do/make interesting things and help others do the same.

I've done a lot more than I'm listing below. If you want to chat about that (or just in general), email me or hit me up on Twitter.


  • As a developer, my spirit animal is full-stack; I'm equally comfortable setting up Docker containers as I am building frontend components.
  • I strive to write code that is clean, modular, and easy to understand. I don't do this for my own edification, but rather that of the person who comes after.
  • I'm an avid listener and learner; I constantly push myself way past my comfort level in order to be the best I can at both.
  • I built a profitable record store post-Napster, a profitable physical media distributor post-iPod/iTunes, and a profitable engineering consultancy without a website. I'm not intimidated by anything/anyone and thrive in finding value where others don't.
  • I grew up on the beaches of California and South Carolina which for whatever reason, means I can get along with just about anyone.

If you think the list above is more important than the list below, let's talk. While I'm entirely focused on writing code and doing science these days, I'm open to a compelling non-dev pitch.

  • Python (Django/DRF, Flask, Falcon, Kivy)
  • Javascript (Node, ECMA5/6, React, Express, d3)
  • Geospatial (GDAL/OGR, Mapbox, Leaflet, Turf, ArcGIS, QGIS, d3)
  • DevOps (nginx, AWS, Heroku, Google App Engine, Gulp, Webpack, Vagrant, Puppet, TravisCI)
  • Databases (Postgres, Mongo, MySQL, Neo4J, Riak)
  • Clojure (requisite Lisp. I've yet to feel as cool as I was told I would be though)
  • Swift (built and published a couple of small iOS apps)
  • PM/Design (Sketch, Asana, Waffle, Photoshop, Jira, Pivotal Tracker)


District Labs 2007 - Present

Head of Product Development & Managing Member

I'm responsible for overseeing the quality of our products and maintaining a healthy pipeline of high-end talent. I'm involved in all phases of our development process, contributing to project code as well as participating in the design and deployment process. I also work directly with our clients to negotiate project terms and elicit requirements.

We strive to assemble small teams, but it isn't uncommon that I have to manage teams of 20+, most of whom are in different time zones.

Past clients: IBM, Travel Channel, Artisan Entertainment, Sony Music

Marketly 2015 - 2016

Director of Engineering

I was brought on to provide direction and leadership to a disparate and mostly junior development team.

  • Revamped the company's product development process using custom Scrum implementation, improving productivity, transparency, and stakeholder happiness.
  • Took over redesign of the company's flagship analytics product. Project was 6 months overdue and over-budget when I started; shipped a production release by the end of my first month with improved code quality and test coverage.
  • Co-lead our Seattle dev team while managing two teams in India.
  • Tech: Javascript, jQuery, Mocha, Gulp, Ansible, Vagrant, Ruby on Rails

ClipCard (formerly OneOcean) 2013 - 2015

Developer Relations Manager

When we discovered that people didn't want want a 100x more expensive version of Dropbox, we pivoted to a normalized search index for cloud-based data sources. As one of the first employees and designated generalist, I helped keep the company glued together through 3 CEO changes, multiple team reorgs, and expansion from 6 to 30+ employees.

Notable work:

  • Lead sales engineering efforts for all clients and leads i.e., I was the go-to guy when it came to making it look like we had a fully-functioning product.
  • Built out and lead technical support, user experience, analytics, and technical documentation departments post-launch.
  • Worked with potential partners (IBM and Boeing to name a few) to develop code samples and custom API integrations.
  • Devised new and interesting ways to raise the company's collective blood pressure.
  • Tech: Python, Django, Javascript, AngularJS, SASS

OneOcean 2012 - 2013

GIS Developer

OneOcean was a company focused on helping store and share marine data. My principal role was analyzing and producing a variety of marine and oceanographic data products. I was also heavily involved in product development and sales, as well as dominating an unhealthy amount of food-related challenges.

Key accomplishments:

  • Produced bathymetric and cartographic products from a variety of oceanographic data sources.
  • Primary client advocate and ocean science SME; provided technical expertise for clients, partners, and outbound marketing efforts.
  • Developed a lightweight, cross-platform Python app for cataloguing marine and oceanographic data located on disk.
  • Published technical docs to company's blog and industry publications (Wired, LiDAR News).
  • Tech: Python, Django, Javascript, CARIS HIPS/SIPS, Fledermaus, GDAL, ArcGIS

College of Charleston 2010 - 2013

Assistant Scientist & Research Assistant

  • Assisted students in multibeam sonar data collection/processing, shipboard operations (CTD casts/Van Veen grab sampling), and ROV navigation during at-sea field work.
  • Spent 4 weeks at sea during VISIONS 13 building a web application and Python-based ETL pipeline for processing geo-tagged imagery from the ROPOS ROV.
  • Primary or assistant instructor in 18 courses: bathymetric mapping, GIS, software development, paleobiology, environmental geology, and earth history.
  • Budgeted and designed hardware/software requirements for the College of Charleston's first professional-grade geospatial visualization lab.
  • Contributed to cleaning and restoration of a new species of toothed whale, later published in Nature.


College of Charleston 2009-2012

B.S. in Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Foci: Marine Geology/Geophysics, GIS, Software Engineering, Geochemistry, Paleobiology

My school/work load was legit.

  • Finished 1-2 classes short of a minor in 10 different subjects and 3-4 classes short of degrees in Computer Science and Religious Studies.
  • Far exceeded the maximum number of allowable credits every semester my final two years. I did this while participating in 1-2 independent research projects, TAing 4-6 classes, working in the school's Space and Natural History museums, and as a freelance software developer.
  • In retrospect, the idea of not hitting it that hard terrifies me.